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Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent

-by Lisa Bolstad A few days ago I heard some coworkers talking about the struggles of getting children up and going in the morning. They lamented that trying to get kids out of bed, fed, dressed and ready for school while also trying to get themselves ready for work was at best a challenge and […] read more

The 3 Most Important Behaviors to Train Your Parrot

by Luke Beyler The sky is the limit on what is possible to train with our parrots! As we know, parrots are very intelligent with a huge capacity to learn, but there are three behaviors that every parrot needs to know how to do. These behaviors will make your life easier and their life less […] read more

The Right Tool for the Job – Part 2

Making Toys For Your Parrots – Edge Utility Cutters –  A Must-Have Tool!  –  G.E.T. Creative! – by Gaye Thomasson In a recent post I wrote about utilizing “the right tool for the job,” particularly when making fresh/frozen chop for your parrots.  While I was repairing and rebuilding some bird toys today for one of […] read more


– by Gaye Thomasson It’s nearing Springtime, and the season for unruly weather conditions and  potential wildfires is just around the corner. I’m not Chicken Little, and I don’t unduly fret over what emergencies may befall my ranch, husband, me, or our pets.   But I have had two wake-up calls in the past two years […] read more

Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent

-by Lisa Bolstad Peeves has an unnatural affinity for his water bowl.  Nobody knows why.  Perhaps he was a camel in a previous life, or maybe a deep sea fish.  It could be that he suffers from Impulsive Control Disorder.  It could be that he dreams about being lost in the Sahara.  It’s a mystery. […] read more

Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild

by Gaye Thomasson Iʼm a big fan of recycling, and it doesn’t stop with what I discard from my house.  Recycling can have a hefty impact on your pocket regarding your parrots as well.  As we all know, our feathered buddies donʼt see the dollar signs when you hang a new toy in their cages. If […] read more

MDPR Life with Birds

by Michele Wolf The name of the genus of small, short tailed African Parrots that includes Senegal, Meyers and Red Bellied parrots is Poicephalus, meaning “made of head”.  They have a large, somewhat disproportionately sized head compared to their stocky little bodies, and are unbearably cute, though that trait cannot be scientifically proven. They are […] read more

Force-Free Parrot Training

 – by Luke Beyler One of the coolest parts of parrot ownership is the acknowledgement of how smart these animals are! Their ability to problem solve is amazing to say the least. Because of this, there is an amazing opportunity to train both practical behaviors as well as some very fun ones! When you read […] read more

MDPR’s Life with Birds

Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent – by Lisa Bolstad As I mentioned in my last post, anthropomorphizing is something I tend to do on a regular basis.  One of the reasons is I’m convinced that parrots are more intelligent than most people.  A lot of people have a hard time just getting through their […] read more

Frozen Fruits for Your Parrots

by Gaye Thomasson When feeding your birds, most parrot “parents” are aware of how expensive and frustrating it can get, especially if you’re feeding a healthy, well-balanced diet to your flock.   In my last two posts,  I wrote about expediting making fresh and fresh-to-freeze chop with the appropriate kitchen appliance and also about growing your […] read more

MDPR Life with Birds

Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent – by Lisa Bolstad Anthropomorphize. According to Merriam-Webster, anthropomorphize is to attribute human characteristics to something not human, such as an object, or an animal. When dealing with parrots, we are often warned not to “humanize” them. On the one hand, this is excellent advice as humanizing parrot actions […] read more

The Right Tool for the Job – Making Parrot Food Preparation Easier

– by Gaye Thomasson Seventeen years ago, my husband and I build our own home, barn, fences, and outbuildings by ourselves, while commuting daily a hundred miles roundtrip to our teaching jobs. It was arduous, sometimes dangerous, but in the end, extremely rewarding. (I still have all ten fingers and ten toes!) One of the […] read more


 – by Gaye Thomasson Feeding your parrots a healthy diet is of the utmost importance, and you can provide your birds with food that is inexpensive, that you KNOW is safe and healthy, and you will have a great time doing it. In this series of articles, you will see how easy it is to […] read more

MDPR’s Life with Birds

MDPR’s Life with Birds – The Wolf-Pack Flock by Michele Wolf Sterling, my 11 year blue and gold macaw, joined our flock in the fall of 2013. In his previous home — and quite possibly for his entire life — Sterling’s diet consisted primarily of seed. While it sounds like the right or natural thing […] read more

MDPR’s First Happy Ending!

We are happy to announce that Shurik and Roma, our unlikely bonded pair of an African Grey and a Quaker parakeet, has found a loving home! Jamie Baker first met and fell in love with these two while she cared for them at Denver Dumb Friends League before they entered foster care with MDPR. After […] read more

Hello Metro Denver!

Hello metro Denver!  We are pleased to announce today the official launch of the website for Metro Denver Parrot Rescue (MDPR)! Our core team has worked diligently since summer 2013 to build an organization that can provide the very best care for companion birds surrendered to shelters in the Denver / Front Range area.  As […] read more

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