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Notice of New Operating Hours and Entry Fees

Hello Friends of MDPR, After much deliberation and consideration, the Metro Denver Parrot Rescue Board of Directors has decided upon entry fees for weekend visitations. These efforts will help us raise funds to continue our mission every month, and will hopefully help raise awareness of our need for ongoing donations to continue operations. The fee […] read more

Closed this SATURDAY

Friends of MDPR: This weekend, we will only be open Friday, March 29 from 10 AM to 4 PM, closed Saturday. We apologize for any inconveniences. We will be open again Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, from 10 AM to 4 PM, and Sunday, April 7, from 12 PM to 4 PM. Thank […] read more

Closed for the Weekend

Dear friends of MDPR, we regret to inform you that we must remain closed again this weekend, January 11 & 12. We know you are missing our birds and we appreciate your understanding. We apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you. read more

Dispelling Myths – Adult Parrots Don’t Bond

by Erica Liszewski “An adult bird won’t bond with me” is something I hear from time to time. Working with a rescue, of course, we usually deal with adult birds. And adult birds bond with people just fine. All of my birds have come to me as adults, and I’ve had some fosters that bonded […] read more

A year with Kilgore

by Erik Wolf I was never a “parrot person.” We’ve had parrots as pets in my house for years thanks primarily to my wife who has been a birdaphile since she was a little girl. But I never had any experience with birds, never even considered that one day I should own a parrot. That […] read more

Training For Treats

by Joan Weinzierl For those of us who live in changing seasons, spring is filled with promise and new growth and sparkly unicorns dancing through fields of flowers.  ☺  For many of us with birdie roommates, it’s also filled with HORMONES.  Not our own (necessarily), but the hormonal shifts of the flockmates in our care […] read more

Training for the Future

By Erica Liszewski. Parrots live a long time. Especially the “bigger” ones, which can live as long as or longer than a human. The longer an animal lives, the more likely it’s going to have multiple human caretakers. For this reason, I think it’s important for the responsible parrot owner to prepare their bird for […] read more

Parrot Body Language – Eye Pinning

by Erica Liszewski. Parrots communicate in a variety of ways, including vocalizations and body language. Understanding parrot body language is an important part of living with a parrot. However, not all parrot body language is intuitive to us humans. In this post we’ll look at eye pinning; what it looks like and what it means. […] read more

The gift of Gabby – by Suzi Van Stelten

Our love of birds started when my then 5 year old daughter kept pressing us to get her a parakeet.  At age 7 we finally caved and got two parakeets.  Sadly, one of them died within the first week and it was just heartbreaking as the one who died was the one my daughter picked […] read more

From the Mouths of Foster Parents: Why Foster? –by Art Hoxworth

There are so many reasons to foster.  When I talk to various people who are interested in birds and are considering adopting, it’s all I can do to refrain from gushing about fostering. So why foster?   1. If you are thinking about adopting, it’s a wonderful way to take the time to find the right […] read more

Small Squawk: Lovebirds—Big Personalities Need Big Cages! by Lisa Bolstad

Anyone who is owned by a lovebird can tell you that these pint-sized birds have enormous personalities, personalities that require large amounts of enrichment and space. Most people are aware that the medium to large parrots need sizeable accommodations, but many bird owners don’t realize that small parrots, such as lovebirds, budgies and parrotlets, need […] read more

Evaluating Care for Your Birds – We DO Get to Vacation Sometimes! by Patti Christie, CVT

As I sit here 37,000 feet above the earth heading for a week-long vacation, I am exhausted from the preparation.  Being the “mom” of 6 parrots, it is challenging to get away (especially if my husband comes along – which I do let him occasionally.  Otherwise he is home caring for the flock (bless his […] read more

From the Mouths of Fosters: Love of fostering –by Joan Weinzierl

Ah, bird love.  Gary and I recently marked our first year as an MDPR foster family, and I’ve been thinking about how this bird love thing starts.  In the past year we’ve lived with and learned from a Timneh African Grey, 3 Amazons (a blue-fronted, a double yellow-headed and a yellow-shouldered) and a male Goffins […] read more

Turning a New Leaf

by Patti Christie, CVT December 8, 2014 was a very difficult day.  My beloved Blue Fronted Amazon, Higgins, died.  I was so unprepared for her death and the grief process has been surprising and challenging and enlightening.  I had her for 18 ½ years and I never imagined that I would NOT have her with me […] read more

A Message of Thanks – G.E.T. Creative

by Gaye Thomasson Sometimes you just have to stop and say, “Thanks!”   MDPR has been finding homes for parrots in the Denver Metro area for approximately two and half years. We operate solely with the selfless help of our exemplary fosters and volunteers.   Birds are taken in, given complete physical exams, given nutritious food, safe […] read more

Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent: The “Musts” of Living with a Parrot by Lisa Bolstad

“What goes into owning a parrot?” I get that question a lot from people who have never had birds in their lives. Well, it’s different from living with a dog or a cat. After all, you don’t own a parrot any more than you own a small child. There are certain musts that go with […] read more

Little Smokey by Charise Mixa

Little Smokey, a Congo African Grey, was hatched February 14, 1992.  She came to the Mixa household in 2002.  Having lived for 5 years with a couple going through what I think must have been a very nasty divorce she was versed in a wide vocabulary of colorful and profane language–language she would spew from […] read more

Eyes Wide Open – Taking Care to NOT Make a Potentially Tragic Error by G.E.T. Creative

I was just sitting here this afternoon, watching football, simultaneously rebuilding and creating new foundations for our foster birds’ toys. I’m using recycled parts from generous donations and also from toys the MDPR birds have done a dandy job of destroying. My goal was to make approximately 20 chain bases/foundations, with bells attached on one […] read more

Adopting with an Open Mind

by David Cornelius Growing up I was always fascinated with parrots. Their ability to talk and sing, do tricks, mimic the sounds and noises around them and most importantly, their beautiful feathers; full of color and life. Growing up our neighbor had an extremely friendly African Grey parrot. He sang, mimicked the door bell, danced, and never bit […] read more

Avian Influenza – What is the risk to my parrots?

by Patti Christie, CVT  Recently, the news in my state (Minnesota) has been filled with daily reports of one poultry farm after another falling victim to avian influenza. Hundreds of thousands of turkeys and chickens have died or had to be destroyed in an effort to prevent further spread of this disease. As a parrot […] read more

Giving our Parrots Perching Options – G.E.T. Creative

by Gaye Thomasson Close your eyes. Pretend you are a parrot (any parrot!) in the rainforest. You are perched on a thin branch. Itʼs about 20” long, maybe an inch in circumference. Youʼd like to go sit somewhere else and give your feet a break, but there is nowhere else to go. This is it. […] read more

Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent – Evil Geniuses

by Lisa Bolstad Parrots are smarter than most humans.  It’s a fact.  If you put a typical human in a metal cage with locks on the doors, in most cases the human will rattle around, scream, possibly knock the cage over, but, most assuredly, will remain inside the cage.  A parrot, however, will remain in […] read more

Simple Sprouting Tips

-by Charise Mixa I’m not a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination.  I prefer to grab a snack and run, and rarely do I sit down for a meal.  And if my husband wants something special, he’s on his own.  But I do love to cook for my birds, and I’m especially fond […] read more

Providing Our Birds With Foraging Activities – G.E.T. Creative!

by Gaye Thomasson It’s a new year and a time for achievable resolutions, especially about the animals we have in our care. For birds in the wild, foraging is a way of life.  It keeps them fed, physically fit and mentally stimulated. For our companion parrots, foraging is sometimes a hit or miss “bonus” proposition […] read more


MDPR is excited to announce our 2015 bird care workshop series!  All workshops will be held from 10 AM – 1 PM at the Innovation Pavilion in Centennial.  Workshop participants will make chop, toys or other items to bring home to their flock. A $10 or $20 materials fee will be charged to participants. January […] read more

MDPR Bird Cookbook – Part 1

MDPR would like to share a series of bird mash recipes in this new “Cookbook” series of blogs brought to you straight from our team members kitchens!  Mash is the generic term that is used to describe a mix of cooked whole grains, legumes and beans that is typically mixed with vegetables and served to birds once a […] read more

Loss & Grief – Remembering Ziggy

– by Charise Mixa As I write this, I’ve just completed my Master of Arts in studio art. This is just the latest endeavor in a life full of experiences and opportunities. I’ve served in the USMC, managed an independent bookstore, and worked with a fabulous avian veterinarian. But no matter where I am in […] read more

The Resiliency of Parrots

– by Michele Wolf I have had the great pleasure of being a foster home for many birds since we started MDPR. When they arrive into our care they are often leaving a life behind that has spanned decades and a person that they were very bonded with. Their world is new again and we […] read more

Taking Your Flock Outdoors – Part 2

-by Gaye Thomasson In my last blog entry, I wrote about making your outdoor flights or aviaries safe and enjoyable for your parrots. I omitted one vital point, and it lies in the word “taking.” Getting your birds safely outdoors and back inside is a critical portion of this endeavor, and it needs to be […] read more

Taking Your Flock Outdoors

-by Gaye Thomasson It’s summertime, and time to get some Vitamin D for your birds! No, I don’t mean a pill, I mean good old sunshine! My Amazons and macaws go outside after breakfast to their flights any day the temperature is over 50 degrees, there’s a clear weather forecast, and it’s not too windy. They hang out, […] read more

Words from an Imperfect Parrot Parent – Kwai the Quaker

by Lisa Bolstad  Kwai won’t let me preen the prickles on his head.  He looks like a ratty little porcupine, but he doesn’t care – nobody is going to touch the white quills on his head and neck.  It bugs me.  I have visions of scooping him up in one hand and holding him tight […] read more

The Joy of Wood

Shhhhhhh. I have a secret to share with you. Promise not to tell! 😉 Here it is: I am a huge fan of Home Depot, in particular their lumber department. There is something very special in the aisles between those expensive, straight planks of cedar, redwood, and pine. On almost any given day, you can […] read more

Bird Toys – Close Calls

by Gaye Thomasson   I was changing papers in one of my macaws’ cages the other day and noticed something shiny in the bottom of the cage. And there it was: a nearly new, stainless steel quick link, bent and definitely busted.   Lying next to it was the small screw closure.   As you can see […] read more

Parrots & Biting – What You Need to Know

-by Luke Beyler Anything with a mouth can bite… That fact is a common reality for anyone who shares their life with animals or toddlers for that matter. As bird owners, we have to be aware of this fact as well. This can be a major hurdle for many people who own parrots as well. […] read more

MDPR Takes in 19 Birds From a Hoarding Case

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Aurora Animal Shelter to assist with a hoarding situation.  Could we take in 19 small birds (18 budgies and 1 cockatiel) and pick them up within 2 days? they asked, and yes was our answer. We carefully manage our foster home quarantine resources so that we have […] read more

Justification for Spending Too Much Money on Coffee

-by Gaye Thomasson I love Starbucks. There. I said it. Is there a support group out there for people like me? I have my Gold Card. I’m a Starbucks Gold Member probably until the year 2030 if I live that long. I look forward to my free drink announcement on my Starbucks app. It’s like Christmas every […] read more

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