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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? Can I stop by?

MDPR's primary shelter is The Perch in Colorado Springs.  You can meet many of our adoptable birds there during our public hours 10 AM - 6 PM on Fridays & Saturdays.

A selection of our adoptable birds from The Perch and our foster home network are available to meet at our adoption events in the Denver Metro area. MDPR lists all upcoming events on our website under EVENTS.

Can I meet the birds before I apply to adopt?

You can meet our some of adoptable birds during public hours at The Perch in Colorado Springs and others at our adoption events at other locations in Metro Denver - please see our EVENTS page for more information.  

I have dogs or cats or both – can I still foster or adopt?

Yes! Nearly all parrot owners also share their lives with one or more of these mammalian companions! You will need to exercise close supervision when birds and predator animals are in proximity to each other in your home – but many dogs and cats consider parrots to be equals within their modified pack. Contact us if you are considering fostering or adoption and feel your existing dogs or cats may be an issue.

I have children – can I still foster or adopt?

Yes! In general, parrots are NOT the kind of pet that will interact with all members of a family equally, and most parrots will shy away from or have little interest in small children. As long as an adult in the home is interested in having the main relationship with a bird — and will be responsible for its care — children should generally not be considered as a barrier to fostering or adopting.

I don’t have much or any parrot experience, should I still consider adoption?

Absolutely! MDPR has specifically created an adoption process designed to educate you and give you many opportunities to meet and interact with birds whose suit your lifestyle. Adopting an older bird is often advantageous for people who are new to parrots: unlike baby birds, mature parrots have already fully developed their personality and temperament, and already have experience living in a home with an owner or family. These birds are easier to evaluate based on who they actually are, rather than based on a future owner's hopes or general tendencies within a species as there are exceptions to every rule.

I live in a condo or apartment- what kind of bird is right for me?

Some parrot species are very loud and can present significant challenges in attached housing. Each parrot is different, however, and MDPR can help you find a bird that will work in your environment without risking the wrath of your neighbors or landlord.

I have another bird; will my bird get along with a new adopted bird?

Since parrots are such intelligent, and emotional animals, it is difficult to predict what kind — if any — relationships they will form with other parrots. Oftentimes, watching parrots get acquainted is like watching a romantic comedy: there will be near misses, lost opportunities and overcoming misunderstandings to find true companionship. At worst though, it may lead to injury and stress for your birds.

Many bird owners have several birds that live in the same home — a general rule of thumb is that if you want to add another bird to your home, do it for you and not your bird (unless you have finches, budgies and cockatiels who are extremely social and gregarious in the wild and will enjoy some same species company).

I am looking for a particular kind of bird but I do not see it on your website, what should I do next?

Please fill in our contact us form telling us what you are looking for! We always have birds in our quarantine program(who will not be listed on our website until the 45-day period has ended), we never know what birds will come in from local shelters, and we often have a waiting list of private parties waiting to relinquish birds to MDPR because of personal hardships or life changes. The perfect bird for you could be just a few weeks away so please do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for! We will contact you if we receive a bird that meets your profile.

How much does it cost to adopt a bird?

MDPR has set fees for adoption by bird species, which are listed here. As you move through our adoption process you receive the very best service from our team as well as our in-house vet exam and diagnostic testing, over a $120 dollar value – plus – since MDPR is a member of the Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance, you will receive a free vet exam voucher upon closing your adoption from a listing of local metro Denver veterinarians.

How much does it cost to take care of a parrot every year?

This is an excellent question! All pets are a luxury and parrots are no different. In general, the cost of medium to large parrot ownership begins with significant up front costs such as the adoption fee, cage, and accessories that can range from $350 – $700. Ongoing parrot ownership expenses include proper food (fresh foods, pellets, treats), toys, veterinary care and grooming which can run from $25-$75+ per month. Overall the ongoing cost of owning a medium to large parrot is similar to owning a small to medium size dog. Small birds are considerably less expensive.