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The Right Tool for the Job – Making Parrot Food Preparation Easier

photo 1– by Gaye Thomasson

Seventeen years ago, my husband and I build our own home, barn, fences, and outbuildings by ourselves, while commuting daily a hundred miles roundtrip to our teaching jobs. It was arduous, sometimes dangerous, but in the end, extremely rewarding. (I still have all ten fingers and ten toes!) One of the key lessons that I walked away with from this monumental project was this: Always use the right tool for the job. And we did. And it paid off in spades.

How does this anecdote apply to parrots? Easy answer – food preparation. One of the reasons people relinquish their birds is that they tire of the routine of preparing fresh food. Properly feeding your parrots can be time consuming but there is one “right” tool that may just take some time off of the clock for this part of your day, and leave you with more time to interact and enjoy your birds.

Take a good look at your food processor. Is it old, outdated? Does it have a small capacity? (I am envisioning a faded green Hamilton Beach model from 1975.) And, do you use it to either make fresh chop mix or fresh-to-frozen mix for your birds? This is probably a process that takes you hours, literally, maybe every day, every week or every few months. If this is you, please consider treating yourself (and your culinary skills) to a new, heavy duty, large capacity food processor. It will change your life. I mean it.

Iʼm not here being paid to promote brands, but I can unabashedly say that there are at least two large capacity food processors on the market that will knock your socks off in the kitchen when you prep for your birds. The one I own is the Breville Sous Chef. It has every attachment under the sun, a motor that might power a small airplane, and a 16 cup capacity (a 2.5 cup bowl, too). I do use it for cooking, but I specifically bought it to reduce my fresh food chopping time for my birds from oh, two-three hours down to under an hour! Iʼve told a number of my “parrot” friends about this, and the Breville has become part of their kitchen set-up and bird food preparation routines. If Breville contacted me to do a testimonial or a commercial, I would be there, macaws in tow!

The other brand name Iʼm familiar with is Cuisinart. A good friend recently purchased the Cuisinart 14 cup food processor. She is ecstatic with the difference it has made, cutting her fresh chop prep time down to mere minutes.

And so, the bottom line is, yes, these are expensive appliances. But you get what you pay for; the end product is outstanding, and that extra time it will give you for your birds is invaluable. The processor will last a long time (just like the Hamilton Beach door stop!) Get the right tool for the job for preparing your birdsʼ fresh food. You will not regret making the investment…and your birds will love you for it! (And put your old food processor up for sale on Craigslist!)

Iʼm sure there may be other brands out there that are equally as good (or even heavier duty) as these two, but take a look:

Breville 16 cup capacity: http://www.surlatable.com/category/cat780424/

Cuisinart 14 cup capacity: https://www.cuisinart.com/products/food_processors/fp-14dc.html

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