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Hello Metro Denver!

Hello metro Denver!  We are pleased to announce today the official launch of the website for Metro Denver Parrot Rescue (MDPR)!

Our core team has worked diligently since summer 2013 to build an organization that can provide the very best care for companion birds surrendered to shelters in the Denver / Front Range area.  As the unwanted parrot crisis continues across America with most sanctuaries at or beyond capacity, we are exclusively using foster homes to provide a scalable and sustainable solution for providing care and love for these companion birds while we work to find them permanent homes.

MDPR believes that a foster home is the best environment to shelter pet birds in due to many factors.  Birds are very sensitive and social animals, and many who come to us are hand raised by humans since they hatched, and have had continued human contact in their lives. Being housed in a caring foster home allows them the continued human socialization they may be used to, as well as allowing the volunteer foster parent to get to know the bird’s personality and behavior in a home, something that is nearly impossible to do in a shelter or aviary environment. Being in a foster home also allows for the close monitoring of the birds for potential health concerns, and with birds, early intervention is key as they mask signs of illness.  The detailed knowledge we compile about each bird enables us to better match individual birds with permanent adopters.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home for shelter birds, please click here for more information and to apply.

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