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A Message of Thanks – G.E.T. Creative

by Gaye Thomasson

IMG_1232Sometimes you just have to stop and say, “Thanks!”   MDPR has been finding homes for parrots in the Denver Metro area for approximately two and half years. We operate solely with the selfless help of our exemplary fosters and volunteers.   Birds are taken in, given complete physical exams, given nutritious food, safe and enriched living quarters, and lots of love and attention.   It is truly remarkable to see these birds morph from unknown circumstances, unknown diets, lack of attention, into healthy, trusting animals, perched on the hands of their loving, new owners.  With all that said, a huge “thank you” to all of our wonderful volunteers for truly making a difference in the lives of these birds.

There have been business that have impacted Metro Denver Parrot Rescue, and we would like to thank them as well:

All Things Birdy     3904 S Mariposa St, Englewood, CO 80110 (303) 789-2228  http://www.allthingsbirdy.com

If you haven’t stopped in to All Things Birdy, you really should!  When MDPR was fledging, Bert at ATB was there for us.  He let us set up our adoption events in the store and helped find homes for many of the smaller birds that came to us.

The staff couldn’t be nicer.  If you need quality seed or pellets, in bags or in bulk, ATB is a great place to go.  They will guide you to the best product for your bird(s).  They are knowledgeable and  love and care about parrots as much as anyone we have ever met.   ATB also has a terrific selection of toys for sale from reputable toymakers.   Again, excellent products, good prices.   There are also cages and play stands for sale. In the back of the store, there is a wall with toy parts.  You can buy as little or as much as you need to create your own birdie toys.   They’ve got it all.   ATB also boards birds in the back area of their store, totally separate from the retail portion.

Thank you so much to Bert and the staff at ATB for everything you have done for Metro Denver Parrot Rescue.  You have made a difference in the lives of many of our birds and we so appreciate you.

Excello Commodities, Inc        3725 E 48th Ave, Denver, CO 80216   (303) 322-1878   http://excellobirdseed.com

Excello sells bird seed, grains…and a lot more.  The Irvin family has owned and run this business since 1976. Excello has all kinds of bird seed: wild bird seed, parrot seed…all sizes, difference mixes. (If you want to feed the squirrels and pigeons in your backyard…they’ve got what you need, too!)  You name it, they have it.   The quality is excellent – they make their own seed mixes on site, so you are guaranteed to get fresh food for your birds or the local wild critters.

I have been buying my seed mix for my Amazons, macaws and lovebirds from Excello for many years…and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of their products and the service I have received.

MDPR promotes a well-rounded, healthy diet for parrots, which includes a percentage of seed, and as you can imagine feeding dozens of birds, from large to small, can be an expensive undertaking. Excello helps MDPR tremendously by donating seed for the birds in our care.   We greatly appreciate the continuing generosity of this local business, and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Many, many thanks to Brian Irvin and the Irvin family for their generous donations to MDPR.  Stop by their warehouse in North Denver, check out their variety of healthy products, and tell them that MDPR sent you!

Super Bird Creations  (800) 777-1436   www.superbirdtoys.com          www.parrotfunzone.com www.makeyourownbirdtoys.com

Where to start?   Deb White does it all, and it’s always for the love of birds.  Deb is the creative (understatement) owner of Super Bird Creations, a fabulous, high-quality line of parrot toys.  Her toys are sold all over the world. If you walk in to any pet store that carries exceptional bird toys, you will find Super Bird Creations labels on them.  She adds new toys every year to her extensive catalog…the creativity never quits flowing. Her toys are all over the internet as well, including on Amazon. Check them out.  You cannot go wrong.  Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but there are toy companies out there that copy her designs…so make sure you are purchasing one of SBC’s toys.

Want to make your own toys?  www.makeyourownbirdtoys.com  carries just about every toy part you could possibly need to let your own creative juices flow and tickle your parrot’s fancy.  It’s a great, easy website to navigate, and if needed, the online and phone service from her staff is exemplary.

Last, Deb has spent years creating the website www.parrotfunzone.com. She had a vision of making a website that was kid friendly to educate children (and adults) about parrots in a fun way, and she has hit the mark.   Everything ”parrot” is covered on PFZ, and she makes avian education painless.  If your child wants to learn about parrots, guide them  to her website where there are  fun games, puzzles, coloring sheets, easy to absorb facts about the world of parrots, and so much more.

Deb has been extremely generous with Metro Denver Parrot Rescue.  She has selfishly donated a boatload (literally) of toy parts to MDPR so that we can continue to make toys for the birds in our care. It’s the pile that keeps on giving, and our birds are better off because of this wonderful person and her huge heart. Thank you, Deb, for being the go-to person for toys, toy parts, avian education and charity.

Thank you for giving so much to MDPR as well as other parrot welfare organizations.  You are one of a kind.

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