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Conure - Other (Green)

Ramsay is a 24yr old male Blue Crown Conure. He is mister talkative! He says “I’m a pretty bird” “peek-a-boo” “wanna come out” “French fries” “goodnight” “be quiet” “kiss kiss” and whistles all kinds of pretty tunes. The funniest thing about Ramsay so far, is his little evil maniacal laugh. When he starts laughing, all the birds in the rescue start laughing right along with him! Ramsay can step up, although he hasn’t built up enough trust with anyone to attempt to step up. So far he loves the bells in his cage, always ringing and playing with them. He’s not a huge fan on bath time right now, but as soon as you bring his food dish, he likes to dip his head in the bowl and see what’s for dinner before you even secure the dish. With a little time and patience this super cool bird will be a great companion for someone special!