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Macaw (Green)

Oscar is a 10 year old, Red-fronted Macaw! He is initially very cautious with new people but he enjoys a lot of interaction. Occasionally, he will utter a decipherable “Hello” but for the most part, he makes all kinds of different, cute noises. He seems to enjoy his spray baths, and even allows petting within his cage. He is gentle but is easily frightened and is nervous of hands. With time, he will step up and has a history of being held upside down and in someone’s arms! Oscar needs a lot of interaction with people where he can feel safe and secure. He is a great bird and needs patience and socialization to form that deep bond with the right person or family.

Oscar can be met at The Perch during business hours, in Colorado Springs, CO. Visit www.denverparrots.org for more information!