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Guinivere (Gwinny)

Macaw (Blue)

Guinivere, or Gwinny for short, is a stunning Blue & Gold Macaw. The markings around her eyes are just gorgeous. Her favorite thing to do is swing! When she’s happy she’ll perch on her swing and rock back and forth swinging her head side to side. You can almost see her smiling. Gwinny has discovered men since being at the rescue! And she definitely prefers them now. She loves getting head scratches and “pretending” to step up. She is super smart and has figured out that if she doesn’t step up, she gets all these treats and attention. So she’ll keep one foot on your hand just to keep you interested and make you think she’s going to step up. Gwinny will talk to you, she’ll say her name Guinivere, “hi bird” and cute head bobs. She has climbed down on the floor with one of her favorite visitors and played with him. One of her favorite treats are walnuts. Gwinny will need a man that is experienced with birds.