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Cockatoo (Orange)

Fred is a very stunning, very large Moluccan Cockatoo. He is around 40yrs old. He is such a diva and will only eat his nuts if they are cracked and his fruit if it’s hand fed to him. He goes bonkers for fresh bananas! Fred is more of a lover than a shredder or chewer. He hasn’t done much damage to any of his toys, but when we moved his cage we did notice the “remodeling” he did to the wood shelf next to his cage. Fred absolutely LOVES bath time. He puts his full crest up and flaps his wings, he’ll lean forward and put his tail feathers in the air. It’s his favorite time of day. He also loves being out of his cage. Fred is now getting curious and is starting to wonder around the rescue. So we have to watch him like a toddler learning to walk for the first time. Did I mention how good of a dancer he is too? Music just moves his soul, no matter the song, he starts bouncing around and jams out. He’s such a sweatheart and loves headscratches. He can step up and is fully tame, but will ONLY step up to you if he trusts you 100%. Even with how amazing Fred is, he is loud. VERY loud. Moluccan’s are the 3rd loudest animal on the planet. Because Fred is a large bird, he will need a home with an experienced bird owner who knows and understands his needs