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Cockatoo (White)

Cuddles and Peachie are an adorable Cockatoo pair! Cuddles is an Umbrella, and Peachie is a Citron. These two must be adopted together, as they are a bonded pair. Cuddles will let you pet her on the head and step up once she gets to know you, and Peachie can be protective of Cuddles, but will warm up once she sees you will not hurt her. Cuddles will say I love you pretty girl and has learned all kinds of new words and sounds. She also likes to dance. While Peachie doesn’t talk, she is the curious toddler always getting into everything and wanting know what everything is. She has been known to ride around on the broom while you’re sweeping. So while Cuddles is the sweet innocent loving sister, Peachie would be more of the troublemaker sister. They would do well in a family that can provide lots of toys, and out of cage time, but is comfortable letting them love each other first and foremost. They need a home with no other pets so that they can be the center of attention, because these girls deserve it!