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Amazon (Green)

Benny is a young Blue Fronted Amazon. He has been very shy and observant his first month with us. It took several weeks for him to begin to open up. He absolutely LOVES to interact and talk with you if he knows you. He asks if you’re ok, he tells you he loves you, but if you’re really lucky, he’ll sing for you! Benny is also bilingual. He can say hola and several other phrases in Spanish. Once he gets going, he is a chatter box. And if he really likes you, he’ll laugh with you, with the deepest belly laugh you’ve ever heard. He will shred paper, but hasn’t really shown interest in chewing wood or any other toys just yet. He also hasn’t stepped up yet, but it’s just a matter of time. He hasn’t been at the rescue very long. But with a little time and patience, he’s going to make a wonderful addition to one lucky family!