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MDPR’s Volunteer Team

Luke Beyler

lukeLukBeyler has been working with animals professionally for over ten years in vet clinics and zoos and is currently a trainer at Downtown Aquarium Denver. He shares his home with three parrots in addition to his dogs and snake. His Orange-winged Amazon, Layla, was his first parrot and little did he know how much she would change his life. He recently returned to Colorado after living elsewhere for most of his life and couldn’t be happier to be back.


Noel Ochoa

noel o picI am a certified vet tech and graduated from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in 2011 with an Associates of Applied Science- Veterinary Technology, Veterinary Technician option. I have had a strong passion for birds from a very young age. I have a few parrot of my own and enjoy spending every moment I can with them. I love music, writing, hiking, movies, and jamming out to Lady Gaga with my birds.


Erin Bolstad

erin-bI have had parrots in my life since I was 6 years old and my mother brought home a spunky gray Cockatiel named Queequeg. Six months later Hobbes came to live with us. He was a round little Quaker Parrot who had spent the first 9 years of his life with a single dad and his two teenaged sons. He took to me immediately and we were best friends for the next 14 years. Losing Hobbes was the most painful experience in my life and I miss him every day. Parrots are wonderful, sensitive companions and I am happy to volunteer for an organization that will help the lives of these amazing animals.


Gayla Menente


I have lived in Colorado for 8 years, and love everything about this state. I am originally from southern California, and owned 2 Finches in the 80’s, and that was the extent of my bird knowledge. I am now owned by an adorable 8 year old  sun conure named Pita, who has made the last 8 years of my life a joy. My knowledge and love of parrots has grown since I got Pita, and because of him, I have gotten to know & become friends with many people that work & volunteer at MDPR. I am honored and excited to be able to help MDPR in any way I can.