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Caique (Green)

Scooter and Rascal are two 17 year old female Caiques, with a lot of personality! Scooter is the Black Cap, and Rascal is the White Belly. Scooter has a history of rubbing her feathers off, due to anxiety. She can be quite protective of Rascal, and is working on stepping up reliably. Rascal will step up fairly easy, and enjoys being pet, but can be riled up easily, and protective of her food! Scooter will step up, if Rascal has been out of the cage for long enough that she gets daring. They are a wonderful bonded pair, and must be adopted together.

Scooter and Rascal can be met at The Perch during business hours, in Colorado Springs, CO. Visit www.perchpets.com for more information!